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1.         welcome


The chairperson, Pat Wilmans, welcomed all present.

Norval Ackerman opened the meeting with a prayer.

 The Chairperson appealed to all who are not yet members of MPPOA to please join the Association.  She explained that the more members we have the bigger voice in negotiations we have.

2          APOLOGIES

            No apologies. 

3.         MOTIONS

            Tony Newey had an eye operation and was doing fine.                         

Hennie van Vuuren was recovering well and transferred to a general ward.


4.1       Approval of Previous Minutes


            Evert de Jongh enquired about the meeting the Chairperson had with the

Municipality.  Pat Wilmans said she would discuss this item under Law


The minutes were approved by Tony Hayman and seconded by Evert De Jongh.                                                  




5.1              The Chairperson reminded the members of the “Aims and Objectives” by reading parts of the Constitution.

A discussion on a project MPPOA is working on concerning Marloth

Park which cannot be discussed in full at this point in time.  MPPOA needs at least  51% of the Property owners as members for an acceptable mandate.

Theo Kloppers asked how MPPOA will be striving to update their membership list.  He suggested a spreadsheet send to all households.  The Chairperson said it was a very good idea.

Gerhard Porter suggests sharing the Honorary Ranger’s monthly newsletter.  Pat Wilmans said it was a worthwhile point for discussion and Peter Graig-Cooper said it can be discussed.

Jacques de Villiers will publish an article in the Bos News, requesting

property owners to join MPPOA.

After a long and fruitful discussion the Chairperson mentioned that MPPOA will be having a membership drive at the Honorary Ranger’s fair.


The refuse site is being cleared in anticipation of the final signature on license documents enabling rehabilitation to begin and hope it will be soon.

5.2              POST OFFICE.

The Post Office is now fully connected.  Residents must please get their post

box numbers and produce their Rates and Taxes account and Identification



5.3              CULLING

The Chairperson said she was not going to discuss this matter, it will be dealt

with under the Honorary Rangers section.

            A sms was received that the cullings will start on the 17th July 2013 after the

            school holidays.  Carcasses will be made available to residents of Marloth

Park, after signing a document undertaking that the carcasses will not be removed from Marloth Park.

            To qualify, proof of residence must be presented at Fine and Country.

            A long discussion on the managing and culling of game ensued.



            The Chairperson said that speeding in Olifants Road is now becoming a major

            problem.  Signs should be put up at all intersections on Olifants street.  Many

options were discussed to assist with this problem.


Gerrie Aucamp made an urgent plea to people not to warn oncoming traffic

            when speed traps are set up.  Residents complain about vehicles speeding, yet

quickly spread the word when there is law enforcement in the park.


Theo Kloppers suggested stop signs at all intersections.  Peter Graig-Cooper

            said research proved that stop signs were not necessarily the answer, as this

could increase the noise levels.

            Pat Wilmans said she will not encourage the idea that property owners install

            speed humps as it is the responsibility of the NKLM and could result in legal

claims to whoever installed them.

            Mark Collins enquired about general law enforcement in Marloth Park. He

mentioned a shebeen at the property adjacent to his.  He said that municipal

ldv’s visit the shebeen over weekends and 3 black Rangers have been frequenting the shebeen during working hours.

Danielle Hayman through the CPF has undertaken to take this up, once again

with the SAPD.

The Chairperson read an email she sent to the Municipality about speeding

and the lack of law enforcement.

Alf  Felgate mentioned that MPPOA is working with the Municipality on the

by-laws and that MPPOA cannot take the law into their own hands.  He appealed to people to join MPPOA so that we can get the necessary representation during negotiations with the NKLM.

5.5       FIRE FIGHTING.


The Chairperson said a house fire occurred in Marloth Park.  She thanked the following : Field Security, Honorary Rangers CPF members, MPPOA members, Municipal Rangers for a job well done.                                             

Pat Wilmans reported on a presentation done by LEPFA in Nelspruit including a video on the Sondela fire and the insurance aspect of such an incident.   

The Chairperson discussed the issue in full with the meeting.

This company is prepared to give a workshop and presentation to property owners on fire protection and the onus which the property owners have.  Pat Wilmans requested donations for costs to be covered when the lecturer come for the workshop.  His accommodation will be covered by Tony and Danielle Hayman.  The amount to be paid is R5 500-00.  Pat Wilmans appealed to all people to participate.  She suggested that the Municipality and Ngwenya Lodge attend.

Theo Kloppers enquired about the accreditation of this company and asked whether they give certificates to people who attend the lectures.


5.6              REVISION OF BY-LAWS.

The Chairperson said we are getting co-operation not from Council but from

the MMC.  MPPOA has received the rates and financial policy documents by-laws and amendment and are working through them.  Comments will be submitted and after that it will be open for public participation.

Pat Wilmans thanked Pieter Botha for the amended draft document for the

Town planning scheme that was never accepted or published in 2007.

As soon as the draft amendment and by-laws have been submitted and accepted a meeting with public participation will be held.

5.7              VODACOM  TOWER

Nkomazi has paid for the upgrade for the transformer at the tower site.  The deposit from Vodacom to the NKLM has also been paid.  The transformer is to be installed and start-up can then take place.


Peter  Graig-Cooper  said the Hon. Rangers and Conservancy have joined

forces, and that is why there is only one set of minutes.

In the last 4 months the Hon. Rangers worked 1500 hours and travelled 6000 km .  A lot of the work was done in Lionspruit.   The gate duty at the beginning of the holidays was very positive.

Peter Graig-Cooper thanked John Webber for the snakes he removed during the month.

A wine tasting evening with dinner will take place at Phumula Lodge on the 3rd July 2013 at R160-00 per person.  36 seats were already booked.  The Fair will take place on the 6th July 2013 and over 40 stalls have been booked.

A bush buck with an arrow wound has been seen. 


Visiting Vulture- No 93

            Was noticed for 4 consecutive days at the Vulture hotel in Lionspruit..  A slide

show on vultures will be shown during November.

            Gruispan dam:  once the lilies and grass are established fish will be


The ostriches have 5 chicks.

The Chairperson thanked Wild Fronteir Graphics for the signs donated and put up at two trees.

John Martin discussed the purpose of Cites and he mentioned that South Africa does not have a good record.

Game counting will take place on 7 August 2013.

7.         SECURITY.



1 Break-in


Nothing to report.


5 Curtains and 6 general theft cases.

Gerhard Porter mentioned that houses are not marked and it presents a big problem in case of security or ambulance needed.


Danielle Hayman appealed to all present at the meeting to attend the next CPF  meeting, which will take place now on the first WEDNESDAY OF  EACH MONTH  at 16h00 at the Henk van Rooyen Park. and support this meeting.

Theo Kloppers wanted to know why is the Security Co. responsible for the gates not represented at our meeting..

Pat Haymans reminded the meeting that this was a Municipality appointment.


The Chairperson asked people who submitted objections to Naboom road application to contact her to get a copy of the response from the Municapality.



Gerhard Porter mentioned that people pass the refuse dump and dump their rubbish bags in the bins on Olifant Drive. 

The cigarette butts eternally dropped at two trees was mentioned, and the meeting thanked Derrick Bruins-Lich for cleaning up in this area, planting trees and cutting the grass.

No. of people attending  37

The meeting closed at 11h42.

The next meeting will take place on the 28 July 2013


            CHAIRPERSON                                           DATE:

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